Watermark images online

Watermarking photos have been an essential for digital asset creators in this digital world. With millions of photos and images flying around the internet it would really easy for an image to be reused without permission or authority of an owner. A lot of time and efforts have been spent for a quality photo shoot, a perfect picture moment or branded product images. The best way to prevent the theft and protect the copyrighted asset is to watermark images online. A professional watermark solution could cost you a lot but there have been innovative online tools which could check mark your photos with least effort and cheap price. If you had around a handful of images you could just go on, or a professional tool and spend around $5-$1000 depending on quality of the photos but what if you had 50 or 100 or 1000 photos to be copyrighted at once?

Wewatermark tool works on client side and protects your digital asset because the images or photos you upload never go outside your computer or laptop which means the highest level of security to your assets.

There are many online tools which could provide similar service for free or lesser price but at the end if your assets are going over the internet on a server it's hackable or at least it’s accessible to the owner of the server putting your photos at risk. provides easy to use tools to add text over your images and apply the same template to 1000s of images at once without losing quality.

Steps to watermark images

  1. Upload all your images:

  2. Click on the first image and you could see tools to add watermark:

  3. Click Add text and double click to write your text on it, Position the text area over the image, you can place it anywhere on top of the photos, Use the text formatting tools as you need:

  4. Click Apply to All to apply this template to all of the loaded images:

  5. Download all image at once after all the changes:

On click of Apply To all, it will apply this template to all of the images, Depending on the number of images it could take some time, once all of the photos have been updated in memory, click on Download to download all of the images in a zip file.

Overall, it’s a 5 click process where you add watermark to only one of the image then apply the same template to all images and then download the zip file.

With the Pro version there is no limit as to how many images you could update but be mindful of your local browser memory as it consumes more memory with more images loaded.

Insider’s tip: If you have 5k images to watermark, make sure you close other chrome tabs or disable extension which may consume memory. This way your browser would perform better and you could get your work done faster.

Watermark tool for photographers

Take an example of this beautiful photo lying around the internet without a copyright (Unsplash)

In one minute using we created the copyrighted image from the original owner of this photo, this could be your company’s brand name or just your business profile as a photographer

Imagine you took thousands of quality photographs and one of them is getting viral. What does it mean to have a business name over it or professional profile in it?

Feed up the 1000 photos to wewatermark tool and generate watermarked photos at once and share it to the world.

  • Amazon, ebay, shopify and many more ecommerce stores have multiple photos for each product.
  • You would have spent a lot of money in creating these assets but due to people making photocopy of products, these images of yours could be used by other brands to popularise their brand thereby helping your competitors to grow.
  • Before uploading any product photos in your store use wewatermark automated tool to emboss your brand identity in it, this could be your logo of just company name.
  • WeWatermark is a perfect solution for creative and digital individuals to prepare Advertisements, ecommerce stores, banners, profile pics.
alternative was formed to provide a solution to bulk watermark images and save a lot of time and money to the end user.

Protect your images by watermarking online

The best way to protect your digital asset is to watermark them and only then share it to the world. Ideally a photographer would like to write their name on the images before they share it on social media sites like facebook or Instagram, on reshare of the images the copyrighted text will still be there on the images thereby protecting your brand and our work. A text or logo watermark can be easily embedded to the photo using online tool, with a free version you could update 20 photos at once.

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